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Nping Online

    Invalid target specification: You can ping hosts from your C subnet only – i.e. IP range - For more information see Limits below.
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Custom Ping
Nping options for custom ping
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Examples #

Try a few example inputs:
  • [TRY] Custom Ping – probe
  • [TRY] Custom Ping – TCP probe of your IP with ports 80 and 433

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Description #

Nping Online allows you to use the powerful Nping tool to send custom packets to your network. Nping is an open-source network packet generation tool and ping utility. It can be used as a simple ping tool, as a host discovery tool, or as a tool for testing settings of firewalls or Intrusion detection systems (IDS). Its usage is quite complex and hence we recommend you to read its documentation, especially the Nping Reference Guide.

Nping Online supports most of the functionality of Nping. You can generate custom packets and send them to your computers, then analyze the responses and thus reveal problems in your network. If you are not a computer expert you might prefer to use simpler tools such as Ping Online or Traceroute Online.

All questions related to the original Nping tool should be sent to the authors of Nping, not to the provider of Nping Online. Similarly, all questions related to Nping Online (i.e. this service and its interface) should be directed to the provider of Nping Online, not to the authors of Nping.

Usage #

Nping Online requires its users to know the syntax of Nping's usage, which is summarized in its documentation. You have to specify all the arguments for the Nping Online tool yourself, similarly to what you would do if you were about to run Nping from the command line shell.

Nping Online gives you the full power of Nping, but there are some limits set. All Nping's options that may cause security problems, including flooding, are disabled or limited. This is also why it might be sometimes necessary to divide your task into several smaller tasks. However, if your intentions are good you should be able to use Nping Online for whatever you need.

The results will appear in your browser once they are ready. You can also see partial results being displayed before the task finishes. The whole task can take some time, however. You can either wait for the results with your browser opened or you can enable the Send email notification when the ping results are ready option. This option requires you to be logged in to your account. Once the results are ready, the notification will be sent to your email. You will receive a link to a web page containing your results.

If you are a registered user your Nping Online tasks are archived. Once you are logged in, you can view your older Nping Online results in your account's Tasks History.

Limits #

Target host specification is limited to IP addresses only. You are allowed to use IP addresses in the C class subnet of your IP only. Your IP address is, you can use addresses from to as your targets. The only allowed syntax to specify IP address is a.b.c.d or a.b.c.d-e.

There is a limit for the delay parameter value defined as follows:

D >= X^(1.1) - 10,

where D is the delay in milliseconds and X is the total number of packets to be sent, which is counted as the number of target hosts multiplied by the number of ports multiplied by the number of rounds. The delay in milliseconds between every two generated packets must be greater than the number of packets to be sent raised to the 1.1 power, minus 10.

The command line options can have up to 200 characters. For security reasons, the following Nping options are disabled:


Other Limits #

No Nping Online's task can take longer than 45 minutes.